5 Simple Ways to Make Your Hair Soft and Silky, Natural Hair Tips

Avoid expensive harsh chemical treatments on your hair and give some natural love. It is not only economical but also safer to do so.

Hair fall, hair damage, split ends, greasy hair, dandruff, dry and unmanageable hair are the most common hair problems which we face. There are many reasons for this – like pollution, chemical-based hair products, weather conditions, stress, exposure to hard water and low protein diet.

Just like the skin on your face, your scalp skin also can get oily, that can lead to dandruff and irritation. Similar to face skin, your scalp contains sebaceous glands that produce oil (sebum). In the right amount, sebum helps make your hair soft and shiny. Your scalp needs exfoliation, just like you exfoliate the skin on your face. Scalp can also benefit from being treated in a similar way to how we treat the skin on our face like scrubbing and masks. Just like a face mask, there are no certain instructions for the frequency to use a scalp mask. Generally, use anywhere from twice a week to once a month.

Eggs: Eggs are one of the most common soft hair tips. High in proteins, vitamins, lecithin and fatty acids and it promotes sebum secretion to ensure moisturization of hair and scalp. Eggs enhance shine and moisture to your hair and strengthen the strands.

Take the white yolk of an egg and mix with a tablespoon of olive oil or almond oil and add little honey to it and make a thick paste. Apply this paste to your hair and cover it with a shower cap for 30 minutes. Then use a mild shampoo and wash the mixture out. Egg mask for hair is known to nourish the scalp and when you add neem oil to it, it can also act as an effective remedy for a dry and itchy scalp.

Banana: Banana makes your hair soft, manageable, and shiny. It prevents hair fall, dandruff and provides nourishment to your hair. Take 1 banana mashed, 2 tbsps. beaten curd, 1tbsp honey and 1/2 lemon. Mix all the ingredients and make a fine paste. Apply this to your hair and cover your hair and let the mask sit for 20 minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water and condition your hair as normal.

Aloe Vera and Honey: Aloe Vera works as natural conditioner and helps fight against scalp diseases and promotes hair growth. Honey instantly adds shine to your hair. Mix the two liquids and apply all over your hair, evenly. Rinse it out with shampoo after 20-30 mins.

Honey and Milk: Honey is a natural moisturizer that absorbs and retains moisture in your hair. It also adds shine and luster to your hair, making for one of the best smooth hair tips. Mix 2 spoonsful of honey in half cup of milk and mix it very well. Now pour this mixture into a spray bottle and spray it all over your hair. Then give a gentle massage to your scalp. Leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse it out with warm water and a last rinse of cold water.

Onion and Ginger: Onion improves blood circulation and provides the hair follicles with sufficient nourishment. Its anti-bacterial properties fight with scalp infections that might contribute to hair loss. Ginger helps with dandruff and dry, itchy scalp. Squeeze the grated onion and ginger and collect the juice.
Pour this liquid into a spray bottle and apply it on your scalp with gentle massage for 5 minutes. Then wash it off with mild shampoo.

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