6 Best Home Remedies to Remove Dark Circles

6 Best Home Remedies to Remove Dark Circles:

Dark circles are bad and make you look tired and awful, if you have a fair skin even worse.  No matter how much makeup you do, the dark circles simply ruins the beauty of your eyes and which can spoil your entire look in no time.

But in many cases dark circles under the eyes are not a sign of a serious medical condition. There are many different causes which produce dark circles, can be stress, sleepless night, vitamin deficiency, heredity, hormonal dis-balance or working for long hours in front of computers etc. So, lack of sleep isn’t the only thing to blame for dark circles as we always do.

Ever tried to get rid of those dark ugly circles with the natural remedies!!! Many of us cannot rely on the cosmetic products to get rid of our Dark Circles as the area around eyes is very sensitive cant experiment on them. Then here you are, learn how to put an end to them by using some effective home remedies.

1. Almond Oil:
Almond oil is not only great for your hair but also equally beneficial for puffy eyes, it works as a good home remedy for reducing those dark circles. Take a cotton ball and apply the almond oil all over the dark circles. Give it a massage gently and leave it. Now wash it with clean cold water. Try do this at night time before u go to sleep so that it can rest full night and give you the best results. Regular usage of this process is proven to clear your dark circles over the time. For effective results you can even add Vitamin E oil or tablet with the Almond oil.

2. Cucumber:
Chilled Cucumber slices help you to get rid of dark circles and swelling under the eyes. Take a cucumber and refrigerate it for 20 minutes or more. Cut into two thin slices then apply on each eye by closing the eyes. Not only works on dark circles but also soothes the skin. The multi-astringent properties of cucumber help in lightening the skin. To get best results, use cucumber for twice a day for a week.

3.  Potato:
Potato is one of the best home remedies that widely used to get rid of the dark circles under eyes. It acts as a natural bleaching agent that lightens the skin and remove the puffiness near the eyes. Peel one potato and grate it into small pieces then extract the juice from it. Now take a cotton ball and dip into that juice and apply it around your eyes. After 15 minutes rinse it with clean water. Like cucumber the coldness of the potato also helps to reduce swelling and inflammation of the vessels underneath the eye to minimize a dark and tired appearance.

4. Tomato and Lemon Juice:
Combining lemon juice with tomato is one of the miracle treatments and work wonders in reducing those dark circles. Mix 1 tsp juice of tomato with 1 tsp lemon juice and apply it on the under eye area with a cotton ball. Leave it for 10 minutes and rinse with clean water. Both tomato and lemon have acidic nature and also bleaching properties.

5. Cold Tea Bags :
Soak two tea bags in warm water then refrigerate the bags for few minutes. Place one tea bag over each eye and relax for five minutes. Tea bags are packed with anti-inflammatory, anti-aging and antioxidants properties which promotes blood circulation thus relieve puffy eyes and dark circles.

6. Cold Milk : 
Soak two cotton balls in cold milk and place them under your eyes for a few minutes. Milk contains lactic acid, which has been shown to help reduce darkness and puffiness around the eye.

Along with these natural remedies, practicing Yoga and meditation can also help you to erase the dark patches around your eyes.

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