7 Best Natural Tips for Soft and Shiny Lips

Natural Tips for Soft and Shiny Lips

1. Apply olive oil on your lips twice a day

2. Lemon also can help to heal your lips. Take half lemon piece and touch with sugar then apply on lips in a circular motion. Do it for 10 min, now wash with cool water and feel the difference

3. Mix coconut oil with a spoon of lemon juice and apply to your lips.

4. Apply honey to your lips daily to avoid cracks. Honey will also help you from any infections.

5. Applying Milk Cream daily will make your lips very smooth and shiny. When you remove lipstic use milk cream to clean your lips.

6. Soak rose flower in half cup of milk for 1 hour then make a smooth past. Apply this paste on to your lips and rest for 20 to 30 minutes. This will remove any dark spots from your lips and gives rosy lips.

7. Add half spoon honey to Butter and mix. Apply this mixture before going to sleep. By doing this every day makes your lips soft and prevent from dryness

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