Dark Circles, How To Remove Dark Circles Under The Eyes

Dark Circles Under Eyes, How To Remove Dark Circles Under The Eyes

How to remove dark circles under the eyes for women. If your eyes have dark circles then these 11 tips can help you to get rid of black marks these are very easy methods and home remedies you can follow easily at free time.

1. The most important one is You need at least eight hour of sleep.

2. Applying rose water is a highly beneficial home treatment for under eye circles. Take a cotton and dip it into rose water and keep it on your eyes and relax yourself.

3. Drink plenty of water Every Day to keep yourself hydrated

4. Before going to sleep remove all the traces of makeup from your eyes.

5. If you are using laptop or desktop during night time or early morning then use with sufficient light. Don’t work in dark.

6. Place the chilled cucumbers Slice over your closed eyelids help to reduce dark circles. or Cover your eyes with cucumber slices when you’re feeling stressed.

7. Apply creams which includes Vitamin C and Iron, essential food supplements for removing dark circles.
8. Massage your eyes regularly.

9. Mix ground almonds and milk and apply under the eyes.

10. Gently rub into mud bean curd mud apply is on the face, 15 to 20 minutes after rinse clean.

11. Raw potato – Put thin slices of raw potato over dark circles at least twice a day. Or add few drops of water to grate raw potatoes, wrap it in a clean cloth and spread it over your eyelids.

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