Effective Ways to Lose Fat From Thighs and Hips, Slim Hips and Thighs Tips

1) Manage your daily dieting habits. The major cause for heavy bottoms is unbalanced diet, a diet high in fats. Butter, cheese, milk and curd, ghee all contribute to the obstinate fats on hips and thighs. Switch to olive oil and vegetable oil, they are more healthy. Avoid too much oil in pulses.

2) Increase the intake of fruits in your body. Fruits improve the digestive system of the body by increasing the amount of fibre content in the diet. Have low sugar fruits like Apple, Watermelon, and Grapes instead of desserts or sweet-dishes after dinner.

3) Other most effective way to lose weight on hips and thighs is LOW CARB DIETS. Some people gain weight, especially on hips and thighs because of high carbs diet. Avoid high carbs food like rice, pasta, bread and potatoes.

4) Non-vegetarians can eat fish up to 4 times a week. Fish is considered to be good for cholesterol. Also, having chicken and meat twice a week doesn’t harm you in anyway. It indeed is helpful to achieve your goal. Say no to red-meat. Try avoiding it!

5) Vegetables can be handy to shed of the extra weight. Take vegetables in the raw form as salads.

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