Fourth Month Pregnancy Diet, Foods To Eat And Avoid During 4th Month Of Pregnancy

This is the period we finally take a deep breath and say “my first trimester is finally over”!!! We can overcome from all that annoying nausea, vomiting, headache, sleepiness, bloating and peeing by this time. Cant say everyone can come out of all annoying feelings but most of the women can get relief from all those by 4th month.

In my experience i would say it is a magical trimester, baby start giving movements from inside when you touch it, its a wonderful feeling cant express in words. By the end of your second trimester belly also will start showing and people’s can notice that you are pregnant.

From this month baby growth starts, Every organ, including brain, kidneys, spinal cord, eyes, toes, fingers, lungs and heart, is formed and fully functional. So, your fourth month of pregnancy diet needs to be more growth promoting and nourishing. Here are some diet dos and don’ts for your fourth month of pregnancy.

What Food To Be Included In The Fourth-Month Pregnancy Diet?

During the fourth month of pregnancy, it is important to include the following nutrients and food in the daily menu:

Dairy Products:
During 4th month of pregnancy intake of Calcium is an very essential nutrient for the proper growth and development of the baby. Milk is one of the best nutrients providing maximum amount of calcium. You should take good amount of dairy products on a regular basis. Like milk, curd, low fat cottage cheese are good supplements of calcium. And also should check the amount of fat before consuming them.

Fiber rich food : 

Adding fiber rich food into your daily menu is advantageous as it cuts down the chances of risk in the later part of pregnancy and also after delivery. Ensure that you add lots of fiber in your 4th month pregnancy diet and that too, in each meal. High fiber foods includes like whole grains, oats and green vegetables.


Apart from taking iron tablets, intake of iron-rich food is also important to meet the greater level of iron requirement, as the blood volume increases significantly during this month.

Vitamin C: 

It is important to include vitamin C-rich food like orange, melon, broccoli, green pepper in your meal. Why because vitamin C has been shown to increase the absorption of iron from vegetables and legumes.

Calcium: As the calcification of the bones of the baby is progressing your body needs to increase the intake of the calcium to avoid the baby absorbing calcium from your calcium reservoirs and leaving you at the risk of osteoporosis in the future

Protein: Amino acids are essential for the development of body cells. Amino acids are derived from protein, which is consumed by the mother. Hence, protein intake is important during the fourth month of pregnancy

Beans and lentils : The protein, iron, folate, and fiber content of beans and lentils are very high

Fish: Fish is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, proteins, and vitamin D. It also provides DHA help with the brain development of the baby.Including properly cooked fishes that are low in mercury level are safe to consume during pregnancy

Meats and chicken: Meat and chicken (well cooked) are rich in protein and iron

Vegetables: Cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, leafy vegetables, turnips, etc. provide all the essential minerals and vitamins you needed during this month

Fruits: Fresh fruits are an unquestionable requirement all through pregnancy as they have heaps of vitamins and minerals; besides, they are high in water and fiber content. The fourth month of pregnancy can set off acidity and heartburn. Thus, fruits ought to be a vital part of your fourth -month pregnancy menu.Apple, banana, orange, apricot, grapes are loaded with minerals and vitamins that are essential during this period of gestation

Eggs: Eggs are rich in proteins as they contain all nine essential amino acid

Nuts and dried fruits: Nuts like walnuts, almonds, peanuts, pistachio are a good source of essential fatty acid, dietary fiber, calcium, iron and a wide range of essential nutrients. Dried fruits like dried fig, dates, and raisins are abundant in iron, fiber, calcium, and other vitamins and minerals. Therefore, intake of a hand full of assorted nuts and dried fruits per day can do wonders during this time of gestation

What Food to Avoid in Fourth-Month Pregnancy?

Though the first trimester is over and this period is for to take lots of food for baby growth. Yo have some precautions & foods that need to be avoided in your 4th month of pregnancy diet to ensure the safety of the baby  .

1. Junk Food:
We cant control our self when we see street foods cause it looks very tempting during your food cravings. There is no guarantee of the cleanliness and freshness of the foodstuffs and the containers. Street food is mainly cause for food poisoning and other water-borne diseases like typhoid. So, if you feel like to have prepare yourself at home.

2. Soft Cheese:
Cheeses are made from unpasteurized milk and may have harmful bacteria and viruses. Better to avoid soft cheeses of all kinds. You can always choose foods containing hard cheese as it has low water content. The low water content makes it less prone to disease causing microorganisms.

3. Maida:
As we all know Maida is not preferred still we consume it anyway in the form of pizzas samosas, momos, noodles. But it is a major dietary concern in the fourth month as it is difficult to digest and can cause painful constipation. Though constipation in itself is a minor thing, it can cause hemorrhoids post delivery. So, say no to all maida foods.

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