Hair Smoothing, My Hair Smoothing Procedure, Hair Smoothing Steps

I have really hard curly hair I have been suffering to maintain my hair, one of my friend suggested me to go for hair straitening so that I can get new look and good hair style but I have some feelings in my mind to change my natural look so first I hesitated to get it but yesterday I went to beauty salon and came to know about smoothing, I really don’t want my hair to be perfect straight so I preferred smoothing because it will give natural look they preferred

Here is the procedure by steps how I got my treatment


The process they use for smoothening is-

Wash and condition your hair. You want to work with clean hair. Be sure the hair is dry

Apply cream evenly on hair leave on for 20-30 min. This cream is the one responsible for making the hair straight. Using a microfiber towel, or your regular towel, try to get as much moisture out of your hair as possible.

Wash off cream. Now use Iron hair using ceramic hair straightener I’m sure you would have seen a straightening iron. They’ll straighten hair with this to sort of seal the effects of cream applied.

Apply another cream for 15-20 min to further seal effects of ironing. (I really don’t know what is the product name they are using or else i would have mention. Any way you cant take smoothing on your own so that may not required!!)

Wash off, blow dry Using a microfiber towel, or your regular towel, try to get as much moisture out of your hair as possible and you’re done.

You’re not supposed to tie/pin/tuck your hair in any way using clips/band anything at all for 3 days and not let them get wet because the chemicals are still acting on them for 3 days. After 3 days, the salon will give you the first hair wash after which you can wash your hair every 2-3 days by products specially meant for your hair type. They also advise not to use oil for at least the first 15 days.

Straightened or smoothened hair retains their effect till they are cut off. So the new hair that’ll grow out from your roots will have your natural hair wave/curl but the one once straightened will remain so. It takes 6-10 months for hair to grow out completely depending on person to person.


When I asked for the cost, how and on which basis they charge from the clients, he replied like it will start from 5000 then according to your hair length it vary, mine is little long and more curly hair so I paid 7500. Now my hair is very soft and shiny. More hair – more pay

NOTE : If you want to go for it then you can make it once and see the results but going continuously is the problem for hair loss but once is not a problem you can enjoy the new look and style

I really didn’t think about the roots when i opted for hair straightening or smoothing because we r only doing style for existing hair but what about the new hair coming from the roots!!!!!

See there is the painful part, when new hair starts coming from the root, at first i felt little awkward cause you can images how it will become when it start growing long. Half of the hair straight and the remaining curly.

To overcome that contradiction part what i explained, i used to go for touch up so that they can level the smoothness.

Or you have to use your straightener for new roots if you don’t want to spend money again and again.

If you r OK with the new look of curly with straighten then you don’t have any problem here.

This hair smoothing process needs to be done by a good professional beautician. Do not select some random parlor to get it done for some cheap prices. Why i said this? Because they use some local products which may cause you severe hair fall. By using cheap products on your hair it will not stay straighten for long.

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