How to Make Your Face Glow, Beauty Tips for Clear and Beautiful Skin

Always we look for Clear and Beautiful skin on face to look beautiful and confidence makes the first impression out from a crowd. We will spend a lot of money in buying expensive beauty products from outside but there is no harm in buying good stuff if it gives you a best results.

The secret of clear and glowing skin lies in good lifestyle and healthy diet. if your body is healthy from inside it will surely glow from outside. 

Here are some tips and ways to get glowing skin naturally, it will help you to make your skin clear and beautiful. They are simple and easy to follow; 

Clean your face with rose water or cleanser when you are coming back to your home. It will remove the dust from your face & make your face clean.

Wash the face three times minimum per day.

Avoid heavy make-up , it can harm to your skin.

Go for facial on monthly basis, facial will help your face to get rid of wrinkles, loose & tining skin.

Always protect your face from heat of sun, when you going outside apply sunscreen lotion on face & cover it with cotton stole. In Summer try to keep umbrella to get rid from direct sunlight.

Avoid bleach facial to face, if you have fair complexion (bleach results your face with brown hair, will shine in sunlight & look ugly on fairer skin.

Face skin is very soft so use a Soft towel for your face.

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