How to Remove Dark Spots On Feet, Get Rid of Dark Spots On Feet

Dark sports on the feet makes skin looks differnat from the body color Most of the people are facing this problem. Free time you can follow some tips to get rid of black spots from your feet

1. Pumice Stone – Rub with pumice stone over the dark spots on your feet after your shower every day. The stone will remove dead skin cells and lightening the appearance of the dark spots.

2. Massage shea butter into the dark spots each morning. The shea butter will hydrate the skin, which will promote healthy circulation and diminish the dark spots.

3. You need to stop wearing strappy sandals and opt for a thong sandal instead. Bath and Body works has a good footcare line or you could try an exfoliant of sugar and lemon to also put the moisture back in and then blot dry and follow up with a foot lotion.

4. Take a bukket of hot water (You can mix with any shampoo or salt) Soak your feet for 10 to 15 mins at night time. then rub ur feet with scrubber for a while Do this for regular basis and you can watch the results pretty soon.

5. Whenever u had taken bath or washed your legs Make sure your feet are fully dry before moving onto the next step. If your feet seem to be “water logged” wait till your feet have dried out, kick back and relax do not do much walking as you want to keep your feet remaining soft for the next step.

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