How To Take Care Of Your Eyes From Computer

Now a days everyone are using computers For working or playing all the day. Staring at a computer all day can take a toll on your peepers. So we need to

relax our eyes while working on the computer but we either don’t care or we just don’t know how to take care of our eyes. This article gives you some

effective and easy tips to relax your eyes while sitting at the computer.

Just we cant stop our work and take care of our eyes. So what should we do? We should learn how to relax our eyes while sitting on the computer. Thats what

am sharing the artcile which i have been through all these days.

* Close your eyes every 30 minutes relax your eyes by closing them or look away from the system

* Take eye breaks. Be sure to look away from your screen every 15 minutes

* Get up every hour – Take a 5 minute break every hour. Get up from the chair, have a cookie or a glass of water. Stretch a little. Just get away from the

computer. It will not only give your eyes a refreshing break but also give your body and mind a break.

* Roll your eyes clockwise and then counter clockwise. Do this 10 times also.

* Do make an effort to blink more often what happens when you blink every time, the tears will spread over the surface of cornea, which will prevent your

eyes from drying.

* Eye drops are also available and can be taken on prescription for taking care of the dryness of the eyes.

* Always you can use anti glare screens to the system as well to cover your monitor.

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