How to Take Care of Your Skin – Skin Care Routine

Tips for Taking Care of Your Skin 

Its not your age always the reason for skin to start showing signs of aging, but many times your carelessness and ignorance can cause skin damage. Exposure to sunlight and hard environmental conditions extent the ageing process of your skin, especially your face, neck, and hands, the body parts which are not covered. In this article I explained the importance and role of your skin and also some simple tips to keep it wrinkle free.

Importance of Skin:

Skin, outer layer of the body that not only protects us from outside threats, but also increases our look and it has the following essential role:

The skin is the body’s largest organ of immunity that keep us safe from many diseases
Keeps water and other essential particles inside the body and releases the unwanted and toxic particles
Repairs the damaged skin quickly
Skin regulates the body temperature for cooling and warming
Gives the elegant and beautiful look to individuals

Threats of Skin:

The skin is different from the other organs of the body, because of its properties like constantly mending itself by frequent skin replacing. At the same time, because of being outermost layer of the body, it repeatedly faces harm, cuts and burns which it keeps on curing and reproducing.

Still it has the following common threats:

Sun burn (exposure to sun)
Exposure to heat, cold, high or low level of humidity
Damage from the physical abuses such as friction from rubbing, chafing, shaving, etc
Some products that you use such as soaps, detergents, cleaning products, solvents, rubbing alcohol, cosmetics, paint, grease etc also affect badly.
Long exposure to the water also cause skin damage 
Your ignorance not taking proper care in spite of it that it got damaged
Not following healthy diet
Lack of physical activity – exercise, yoga, etc.

Tips to Protect and Care your Skin:

You should not ignore your skin, it is one of the essential parts of your body that always ready to protect you from the outer environment along with giving you a nice look.

Following tips will help you to keep your skin wrinkle free and beautiful:

Take healthy diet
Drink at least 4 to 5 litres of water daily
Take vitamins and other nutrients daily
Do physical Exercise or yoga everyday
Take sound sleep
Ignore smoking
Minimize use of alcohol
Protect from external exposure
Live happy (no stress)

Natural ways to fight wrinkles:

Apart from the above discussion, following are some of the significant techniques that help you to fight with wrinkles and keep your skin fresh and beautiful:

Skin Cleansing: For daily hygiene, protect your skin by using a mild cleanser. Use tepid (warm) water for all cleansing your skin.

Bath with Tepid Water: Bath everyday with tepid water.

Protects from the Sun Rays: Avoid going in intense sun light; however, whenever you go out cover your body (while walking in sun light).
Use Sunscreen: When you go out in sun light, use sun’s screen properly.

Skin Moisturising: Moisturising for your skin is pretty important, as water cleans the skin. Moisturised skin is more smooth, flexible, and pliable than dry skin. So, use of moisturiser immediately after washing or bathing keeps water within the skin for the time being (that is very good for your skin). You know, skin moisturisers improve hydration (i.e. moisture content). Besides, it also adds a “protective” layer on the outer skin surface and helps to hold moisture within the top layer and do not allows it get lost in the environment. The protective layer acts as a barrier to water loss.

Contact your Doctor: Whenever you feel any damage or irritation from anything on your skin, contact your skin doctor, do not ignore it.

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