How to Treat Dark Circles Under the Eyes With Tea Bags

There is an excellent way to reduce your puffiness and dark circles.

If you have a habit of drinking green or black tea then you will probably have a lots of tea bags, Don’t Throw Your Tea Bags Out. However, these can help to make the skin softer, remove the dark circles which are around your eyes and relieve your tired eyes. This can instantly make you look much younger.

With Used tea bags you can make the best eye packs. The tea bags includes lots of caffeine, tannins and will also be full of antioxidants which soothe the skin.

After done with your cup of tea take the tea bags out and you can then place it in a plastic container and store it in fridge. Why we need to keep in fridge ? because heat will cause more swelling and puffiness so if it is cold then only you will get better results . Cooler temperatures will help to reduce the swelling.

You need two tea bags for each eye one bag, For the better results keep the tea bags on eyes soon after fetching them out from the fridge otherwise they will become less effective.

Now lie down somewhere then put the tea bags onto your eyes. They should touch the skin all the way around and completely cover the your circles. Leave it for at least 10 minutes.

Once you use tea bags then throw it away next time again use another one. This you can do on a regular basis because its natural treatment. Try to apply the bags at least once in a week. You will notice best results if you continue using tea bags on a regular basis. 

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