Natural Home Ingredients for Reducing Hair Loss

Hello friends looking for hari loss solution? here i found one great method by my own experiment.

I have gone through the many articles to get solution for hair loss. When i use those finally end up with other problems as hair become dry or one or another.

So i finally decided to do an experiment by my own using the ingredients which i get at home all the time. Finally i prepared the paste & it worked well for me.


Curd – 1 cup

curry leaves – some

methi powder or Seeds – 1 spoon

Egg white – 1 or 2

First grind the curry leaves & methi seeds into a fine paste then add it to the curd.
Finally add egg white then mix it well. Keep this mixture for 1 hour then apply for you scalp first then remaining hair. Let it dry another one hour after wash it with your usual shampoo

Try it any way its all natural ingredients so it wont give you any problem. I felt like my hair loss got reduced in first time only. Let me know your experience by comments. Bye..

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