Pedicure, Easy Self Pedicure Method, Home Self Pedicure Procedure, Pedicure

Do you think its waste of money to go beauty parlor for pedicure, then this is the right place to learn how to do self pedicure simply sitting at home. Everyone wants good-looking feet. However, they need a bit of care and time. Doing a self pedicure is a great and inexpensive way to make sure that you have clean, pretty feet.

Pedicures are relaxing, and they keep feet looking and feeling smooth. With about an hour and the right products, a salon-quality pedicure can be done at home for a fraction of the cost. Follow below procedure

First step in any pedicure, if you have already applied nail polish first remove it then trim your toenails with your nail clippers. Use a nail file to smooth out any sharp edges and shape your nails.

Apply a generous amount of cuticle oil. Rub the cuticle oil into your cuticles and allow the oil to absorb for a couple of minutes. Soak your feet. Fill a bucket with warm water and add about 2 scoops of Epsom salt and 1 scoop of your favorite foot bath. Make sure the water is warm but not too hot. Allow your feet to soak for about 10 minutes.

Once your feet have finished soaking, use a pumice stone to soften the soles and heels of your feet. Carefully, remove your cuticles with a cuticle trimmer or push them back using a metal nail file. Once you are finished, dry your feet with a towel.

Apply nail polish. Apply a base coat to your toenails and allow it to dry for approximately 5 minutes. Follow up with 2 coats of your favorite nail polish. Allow your nail polish to dry for about 10 minutes. Finish your pedicure by applying a top coat.

This procedure may take about an hour. After your nails are dry, you can look down often and admire your handiwork. Your pedicure should last about 2 weeks or even longer if you apply more coats of the topcoat. Have fun! Enjoy yourself given & low cost pedicure!

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