Simple Homemade Face Packs : Five Best Natural Face Packs

Banana facial Mask – Making banana face mask is very easy, less expensive and fun. Mash a ripe banana and add a table spoon of rose water. Apply the mask evenly to your face and neck, the cucumber slices over your eyes. Let dry and gently wipe off with a damp wash cloth. For best results apply mask twice in a week.

Egg White facial Mask – An egg white face mask is an excellent way for tightening the pores, it is inexpensive, easy and a best way to help you look beautiful. Take egg white and apply it on your face, do not beat the egg. Leave it to dry and gently wipe off with damp cotton balls or wash it off with lukewarm water and then with cold water. Egg white masks can be very effective if you add some natural additives like honey, oatmeal

Tomato facial Mask – Tomatoes can provide an astringent effect on the skin to help remove excess oil and refine the pores. Without using water, add tomato juice to 1/3 cup flour and mix it well. Apply to face and let set for about 10 minutes. After 10 minutes, rinse off with warm water and then with cold water.

Potato facial Mask – homemade Potato face pack is very simple and easy to work out, it will be very helpful to remove tan. There are two methods to prepare potato mask see here how it is
Take one tablespoon of potato juice add with a tablespoon of multani mitti mix both well and apply it to your face. Let it dry and gently wipe off with lukewarm water and then with cold water.

Take a medium size potato wash and boil it without peeling. Cool it and mash the potato using a spoon. Add 1 or 2 tsp coconut oil or almond oil to the mashed potato then Mix well and make it a paste. Apply the potato face pack evenly all over face and neck. If you have dark circles around the eyes apply this pack around the eye area little thick. Pat the face while applying. Leave it for 10-15 min. Then wash it off.

Cucumber facial Mask – Cucumber has a naturally astringent affect, which reduces oiliness and tightens pores. Take a tablespoon of cucumber juice and equal quantity of mint juice (Pudina juice) Mix both well and apply on your face. Leave on for 15 to 25 minutes and rinse with warm water and then with cold water.

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