The 10 Most Downloaded Mobile Game Apps, Popular Mobile Games

10. Words With Friends

The top ranking game that has been for many years but still remains as one of the best word puzzle game for mobile phone users. Recorded at the top most downloaded game with approximately 250 million downloads in eight years. This game is played across multiple matches at once against the Facebook friends and other strangers as well.

9. Temple Run 2 

Next comes the Temple Run 2 with millions of downloads for mobile users. Fascinating games with simple user interface just needed to swipe the screen to make endless running characters to simply jump and slide. With more than 1 billion downloads in the first 4 days, it has been world’s favorite game.

8. Angry Birds Rio

Of the Angry Bird’s series Angry Birds Rio has become one in the list with colorful graphics and cinematic feeling. Included with lots of levels has become an addictive and challenging gameplay. It is recorded to have more than 2 billion downloads that are the first official sequel in over six years.

7. Temple Run

With more than one billion unique downloads the Temple Run is the 7th most downloaded mobile game app. It is an adjective mega-hit for most of the game lovers along with upgradable items. It’s quite interesting and attracts with it a maze of booby-trapped temples.

6. Clash of Clans 

One of the biggest mobile game in 2013 that has come a long way with its new milestones. A very big hit series with more than hundred million downloads with increasing download rate. A progressive game start required more and more sophisticated you get with interesting elements in it.

5. Despicable Me 

The highest downloaded, licensed game in the world across the app store as well as Google Play Store. The fifth most downloaded game of all time that is completely designed based on the desire for delicate and personalized phone theme.

4. Angry Birds 

An interesting and addictive fighting game with excellent features, the fourth game in the list. It has been recorded with 2 million downloads across all the different platforms. Very funny and entertaining games with lots of game levels have grabbed everyone’s attention.

3.  Fruit Ninja 

After Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja takes its position on the list. The game has reached more than 300 million downloads in recent days. The simple swipe games have become the world’s famous and even children started enjoying it. Fruit Ninja the hit fruit-slicing mobile game played all over the world.

2. Subway Surfers 

Subway surf was followed by Candy Crush Saga, the top game of all time on Google Play Store in terms of total worldwide downloads. The game has approximately 40% of downloads along with 90% of total revenues. With more than 26.5 million daily active users it has 130 million downloads with an estimation of 250 million downloads in the year 2013.

1. Candy Crush Saga 

A simple world’s popular game has been installed more than 500 million times with progressive levels. Liked by millions of people all around the world for its simple and match 3 puzzle gaming. Candy Crush Saga is considered as one of the first and the most successful uses of a freemium modeled game.

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