The 8 Most Filling Foods for Diets, Foods That Fill Your Tummy and Help You Lose Weight

8 Foods That Fill Your Tummy and Help You Lose Weight

Many people think their food makes them fat and decide to stop eating for loosing weight but that’s not the case at all. There are certain food items which helps you losing weight and keep healthy. If you are finding harder to reduce your weight, you first understand that “stop eating” is not the right solution. Start eating “the right food” to get better health.

When you’re on diet, cutting down the amount you eat is given may not be enough to achieve the weight loss you desire. Feeling hungry all the time is the major reason why most of the people’s diet fails within a week and in fact may even leads to weight gain. Always eat something which is healthy and make you feel full for longer time.

Below are the list of amazing food items that fill your tummy with less calories. By trying these food items in your breakfast, you can reduce your calorie intake and it eventually helps you in losing weight. In fact, eating certain foods sends a signal to your brain that you’re done eating and keeps your stomach full without consuming extra calories.

1) Oatmeal:

Oats filled with hight fiber content. When cooked with water or skim milk, the oats become thick and take more time to pass through your digestive system, which eventually makes you eat less and you will go longer between hunger pangs. You can even add your favourite toppings to the recipe but make sure whatever you add does not increase your calorie count.

2) Cottage Cheese Smoothie:

Smoothies can satisfy your hunger very well. Blended drinks like smoothies are a great source of minerals and makes you feel full and eat less at your next meal. Cottage cheese is usually low in fat and carbs and high in protein. Prepare cottage cheese smoothie and include in your diet, it a protein-packed drink which is not only healthy for you but also its high protein content can help you feel full even while consuming relatively few calories. You can also add strawberries or blueberries to make your smoothie taste delicious.

3) Watermelon:

Watermelon is an amazing fruit which is very beneficial for weight loss as it provides a high fiber, low calories and high water content which makes you feel fuller for longer period of time. If you like, you can also add some other fruits to make a better breakfast.

4) Vegetables

Vegetables are high in fiber and water, which can keep you feel full for longer period. Having a vegetable salad before taking a meal will help you eat fewer calories aswell. Vegetables are incredibly nutritious and loaded with all types of vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant compounds.

5) Pop-Corn:

Very popular item right!!!. Pop corns can be very good to add in your diet if you are trying to cut down some extra pounds. It is fiber rich and low calorie food, after eating it makes your stomach feel fuller, so that you eat less in next meal. Make sure you eat non-buttery low calorie air-popped popcorn’s to avoid the undesirable increase in calorie intake. You can add a pinch of pepper and salt for taste.

6) Soups

Because of its high water content soups are very filling with few calories and keep your stomach full for long time. Studies are analyzed that people who include soups to their diets consume fewer calories at mealtime.

7) Fruit Yogurt:

Yogurt is a great source of protein and also fill your tummy and make it full for longer period of time. Yogurt is low calorie dairy item which works like a miracle for those who are trying to reduce weight. You can add slices of your favourite fruits like raspberries, strawberries, apple and pineapple to yogurt and make it even more delicious, healthy and filling. One bowl of fruit yogurt can keep you full for hours.

8) Eggs

Eggs are nutritious and a great source of high in protein with a powerful impact on fullness. Eating eggs for breakfast increased fullness and led to less calorie intake over the next 36 hours.

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