Tips on How to Strengthen Weak Hair Naturally

How to Strengthen Your Hair Naturally

Hair breakage, split ends and dryness are the symptoms to notice that your hair is getting weaker. Knowing the causes of weak hair is the first step to strengthening hair. You have come to the right place, we are here to give you a few tips on how to make weak hair stronger, healthy and shiny with just a few easy tips.

 Hair Combs and Brushes

Always use combs and brushes which made of quality material. Plastic combs are harmful thus, it is not very much suggested by the top stylists; especially for natural hair. Change to quality hair brushes and combs to avoid damage that comes with regular use of combs that stress the hair strands. Fiber made hair brushes, wooden combs are the best.

Eat Right and Drink More Water

Eating the right foods and drinking sufficient water is one of the easiest ways to give your hair strength. The nutrients from healthy food provide the energy that fuels hair growth. Eat foods that are rich in Vitamins A, C, E, Omega-3, iron, and protein while drinking at least 3 liters of water a day. This will strengthen your body which ultimately work to strengthen you in general and your hair in the process.

Lifestyle Changes

Stress can also be a cause of hair loss, it is of utmost importance that you stay away from stress. The more you get stressed out, the worse your hair becomes. Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and similar other stimulants. Rather, practice yoga, meditation, etc. to calm down your nervous system and give your hair a strength boost.


Moisturizing both your scalp and hair ensures that your hair is not thirsty. Scalp massage is extremely helpful in strengthening weak hair. Apply a nourishing hair oil and massage the scalp with your fingertips by using a gentle circular motion. It is not only helping in stimulating hair follicles but also acts as an instant de-stressor. This is a good thing because hair will be strong and healthy oiled strands are less prone to breakage.

Treat with Care

Stop over-brushing your hair as it weakens them significantly. Don’t comb or style your hair when it is wet.

Stay away from chemical treatments as they make hair strands dry, damaged and brittle. Go for a trimming once every 3 months to keep your hair ends split- and damage-free.

Fruits & Vegetables

Increase your eating of fresh fruits and leafy vegetables to give yourself a health enhancement from inside. Eating healthy means providing required amounts of nutrients (vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants) to your hair shafts, which is essential for getting strong and gorgeous hair.


Don’t undervalue the influence of supplements to strengthen weak hair. It is better to take a multivitamin tablet every day or at least thrice a week in order to accomplish your required daily amounts of nutrients and strengthen the hair as well. Supplements rich in vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, iron, zinc, biotin all promote healthy hair growth.

However, taking dietary supplements can involve interactions, side effects, and even health risks at times. So, make sure that you consult your doctor instead of self-prescribing those.

Tips You Should Never Forget

Avoid showering with overly hot water, and always give your hair a final cold-water rinse before stepping out of the shower.

Avoid using hair elastics that are too tight or too thin.

Let your hair dry naturally whenever possible

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